• Peter Light Maine

    Peter Light Maine

    Peter Light is the CEO of Amada Senior Care of Southern Maine, a full-service, non-medical home care agency which employs highly-trained caregivers to help.

  • David Koonar

    David Koonar

    David Koonar of Windsor is a well-known name in Canadian photography, especially outdoor photography. His photography is well-known in Windsor, Ontario

  • Ken Loeb

    Ken Loeb

    Kenneth Loeb is the Executive Chairman of Ambassador Realty Inc. Ken Loeb was fortunate enough to engage in multiple careers http://kenloeb.com

  • Dr. Frank Roach Dentist Atlanta

    Dr. Frank Roach Dentist Atlanta

    Dr. Frank Roach has constantly stayed at the head of his profession by using the latest techniques, materials and technology.

  • Jim Feldkamp

    Jim Feldkamp

    Jim Feldkamp has 30+ years of Federal Government and military experience, specializing in international security and foreign policy initiatives.

  • Sam Cover

    Sam Cover

    Sam Cover Spokane Valley, WA. Renowned chef in Spokane, WA

  • Stephen Odzer

    Stephen Odzer

    Stephen Odzer is a current CEO and entrepreneur from the age of 18 years old. Currently in New York

  • Brian Stovsky

    Brian Stovsky

    Brian Stovsky was born and raised in Cleveland, OH. Brian went to University School, in Hunting Valley, OH. Played hockey and lacrosse in high school.

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